Eighteen Sound 8NM610

Eighteen Sound 8NM610
General Specifications Datasheet
Brand Eighteen Sound
Reference 8NM610
Size 8 in
200 mm
Type Low frequency
Impedance Z 16 Ω
Nominal Power P 400 W
Program Power Pmax 600 W
Sensitivity SPL 104 dB
Usable frequency range 400 - 5000 Hz
Recommended crossover 3000 Hz
  • 104 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity (free air)
  • 75 mm (3 in) Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV
  • 400 W AES power handling
  • HIgh force neodymium motor assembly
  • Copper ring to linearize impedance curve
  • Extremely low distortion design
  • Sealed basket design
  • Humidity resistant cone
  • Ideal for high quality, very high SPL midrange applications
Eighteen Sound 8NM610 Frequency response
Eighteen Sound 8NM610 Impedance
Thiele/Small parameters Values in gray are calculated.
Resonant frequency Fs 259 Hz
Surface area of cone Sd 220 cm²
DC resistance Re 10 Ω
Mechanical Q Qms 1.20
Electromagnetic Q Qes 0.28
Total Q factor Qts 0.23
Mechanical suspension compliance Cms 23 µm/N
Compliance equivalent air volume Vas 1.6 liters
Moving mass Mmd 15.1 g
Moving mass (including airload) Mms 17 g
Mechanical resistance Rms 23.1 N·s/m
BL product BL 31 T·m
Voice coil inductance Le 0.5 mH
Maximum linear excursion (one way) Xmax 3 mm
Maximum mechanical limit (one way) Xlim 4.5 mm
Efficiency η₀ 10 %
Efficiency bandwidth product EBP 924
Effective diaphragm diameter Ø 16.7 cm
Import this driver in a simulation software:
WinISD 18Sound 8NM610.wdr
Hornresp 18Sound 8NM610.txt
Basta! 18Sound 8NM610.bastaelement
Eighteen Sound 8NM610 Dimensions
Overall diameter 240 mm
Baffle hole diameter 184 mm
Overall depth 113 mm
Flange thickness 14 mm
Net weight 3.9 kg
Materials of construction
Diaphragm material Paper
Diaphragm shape Curvilinear
Surround material Polycotton
Voice Coil Parameters
Voice coil diameter 75 mm
Coil material Aluminum

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